Iberia Pronto® Turbo Matic

TURBO MATIC ORIGINAL IN ITS NEW SILVER GRAY COLOR Protect your hands and nails from chemicals, viruses, fungi and bacteria! Forget about back and knee pain! Do not touch the cloth with your hands anymore! Say Chau to the floor cloth with Iberia Pronto® Turbo Matic, the innovative system to clean the floor quickly and effortlessly. The set consists of a 100% microfiber swivel mop with extendable line and a stainless steel drum bucket that allows automatic rinsing and draining by spin. It is ideal for any type of surface such as ceramic and porcelain, and even for delicate floors such as parquet and floating. Thanks to its long-haired mop, it is ideal for cleaning smooth and rough surfaces, since the microfiber gets between the cracks and easily removes dirt. It also has greater absorption power to lift liquids quickly because the microfiber can absorb 3 times its weight in water. Advantages: Contains a sturdy stainless steel rope. Bucket with wide mouth for better entry and exit of the mop. Rinsing and draining system with bearings to improve the rotation providing a smooth and silent operation. Removable stainless steel drum to improve bucket cleaning. And a unique easy and practical line lock to activate the drain and rinse system by spin. Plus the included microfiber mop is machine washable and parts can be purchased!

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The Turbo Matic kit contains:

1 Bucket with Centrifugal System

1 Rotating Stainless Steel Cape

1 Long Hair Microfiber Mop

Watch the video to see how Turbo Matic works:

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