Iberia Pronto® Turbo Fácil

Protect your hands and nails from chemicals, viruses, fungi and bacteria! Forget about back and knee pain! Do not touch the cloth with your hands anymore! Say Chau to the floor cloth with Iberia Pronto® Turbo Fácil, the new system to clean the floor quickly and effortlessly. The set consists of a 100% microfiber swivel mop with an extendable line and a bucket with a system that allows automatic rinsing and draining by spinning. Due to its short hair mop it is ideal for cleaning interior floors such as parquet, floating, ceramic and porcelain, and even smooth surfaces that are difficult to reach, such as windows, walls and ceilings. It can also be used dry to sweep and remove lint and hair since the microfiber is static and acts as a magnet for plovo. In addition, the included microfiber mop is machine washable and you can buy spare parts!

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The kit contains:

1 Bucket with Centrifugal System

1 Rotating Stainless Steel Cape

1 Short Hair Microfiber Mop

Watch the video to see how Turbo Fácil works:

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