Iberia Pronto® Replacement Mop Turbo Matic.

Do not touch the cloth with your hands anymore! Forget about back and knee pain! Protect your hands and nails from chemicals, viruses, fungi and bacteria! Say Chau to the floor cloth with Iberia Pronto® Turbo Matic, the innovative system to clean the floor quickly and effortlessly with a rinse and spin-drain system.

Use this refill on the Iberia Pronto® Turbo Matic system for automatic rinse and spin spin. Its composition based on 100% Microfiber long hair is ideal for cleaning smooth and also rough surfaces since the microfiber gets between the cracks and easily removes dirt. In addition, the spare parts are machine washable!


1. Detach the microfiber replacement from the rope.

2. Remove coarse dirt from the mop by shaking well or vacuuming the microfiber.

3. Mops should be washed separately, never together with clothing. I put the spare into the washing machine (with the white plastic ring that holds the microfiber). First pre-wash with cold water. Then add the detergent you commonly use to wash your clothes and a spray of bleach. Set a short cycle at a temperature no higher than 60º. Do not use fabric softener as it damages the microfiber.

4. Check that the mop is clean, if you don't do another wash cycle.

5. Dry completely outdoors or in a ventilated place before storing.

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